PÉPIN FORTIN CONSTRUCTION is the general contractor you need for your projects in the commercial, industrial, institutional and mining, no matter where you are in Quebec. Over the years, PÉPIN FORTIN CONSTRUCTION has made significant projects in remote territories. These major construction projects have enabled us to develop a range of specific expertise that give us the opportunity to maintain our leadership position and our distinctive identity in the commercial, industrial, institutional and mining area.

Lump sum contract

For this type of contract, the customer must directly appoint consultants (architects and engineers) to define his needs and must look at the complete design plans and specifications to ensure compliance with laws and codes in force in the territory. These documents will be used for the call for tender. Consequently, we prepare our most competitive fixed price quotation in accordance with these documents. However, this type of contract, although more prevalent in the construction activity, is not suitable for customer looking to quickly put his project under construction.

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Turned key

This type of contract is for customer being willing to quickly complete a project while avoiding to devote all his time and all his energy. You tell us of your needs and our team make every effort to meet your expectations. An estimate and preliminary plans are developed, while respecting your budget. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the proper execution of your project, and this, from design to delivery. We take care of all the legal aspects, the current regulations, permits and other related items.

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Project Management

This type of contract offers customer the possibility to participate actively in all stages of the implementation of its commercial construction project, industrial, institutional or mining.We work closely and transparently with you by involving you directly in the selection of the professionals as well as subcontractors. The cost of work is increased by a fixed percentage, determined in advance with you. With this procedure, we are able to start the works more quickly, thereby reducing the delay in project implementation.

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Quality assurance

PÉPIN FORTIN CONSTRUCTION has implemented a management system that complies with ISO 9001, enabling it to respect its policies and meet objectives while ensuring that all services and products delivered comply with the stated requirements—be they regulatory, quality or customer requirements. The management team ensures that the management policy reflects the needs of the organization and its customers, and that this policy communicated, understood and implemented across the firm.

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Health & safety - Goal and performance

PÉPIN FORTIN CONSTRUCTION consistently maintains a safety and accident prevention program and ensures its implementation and management on commercial, industrial, institutional and mining construction sites throughout Québec:

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Environmental risk management

At PÉPIN FORTIN CONSTRUCTION, we take environmental protection very seriously. We respect: Our commitment to comply with environmental standards. All laws and regulations regarding waste management, by working in collaboration with a recognized firm for the recovery, recycling and management of construction materials.

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